Knowing the cultures in Serbia helps you to visit the place with confidence. Mostly Serbian speak Serbian, the official language of the nation. This is why visitors there have to manage speaking Serbian or at least English that Serbian can understand.

Since the culture in Serbia is not that known to all of us, going there and learning them is an appreciation.

For example, you will not be accepted as a Serbian if you are a foreigner unless you will put interest in learning their culture such as wearing their traditional clothing. The complete attire of a woman consist of a skirt, opanci (long socks), and apron (not the kitchen type). If you wear them, you will be complimented a lot.

Another one is drinking Rajika, the national alcoholic drink. Unlike other nations, women are regarded as bad if they drink alcohol. However, it is very normal for Serbians whether male of female to drink, especially rajika. They would love foreigners who would drink with them. This is why there is no ‘I do not drink in the country’ expression.

Right here and there, you will see people dancing “kolo”, the traditional dance which means circle dance. It is circle because dancers involves all members and form a circle b holding each other’s hands while performing. This is also their national folk dance.

In their customs, man-man, women-women, opposite sex can kiss each other when greeting and parting. This is why man and man is normal to do such a thing, which is not acceptable in other nationalities. But if you go there, you are suppose to accept that custom.