These places are amazing tourist attraction in the city and these are some of the familiar places in the country. There are the most beautiful nature that you will take your breath away.

Stara Planina

Stara Planina. Since Serbia lies in the mountain range of Balkan, Serbia is expected to be mountainous like this.

Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora. This is a very beautiful mountain in the territory of Serbia. It is very common for people to be staying in the region since it is flat.

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo. This zoo is called the den of lions and that there are many wildlife animals living in this region so people should be very careful not to be beaten by these animals.

Uvac Nature Canyon. Can we compare this to the Grand Canyon? Which is more beautiful? It is up to you! Uvac Canyon is regarded as the most beautiful landscape in the world.

Tornik and Rudnik are like a twin mountain in Serbia. These mountains are calm and few people visit the place daily.


Murtenica. How does it feel when you run in this green and sloppy mountain? This place is the best place for outdoor games and family picnic.

Tara in Serbia. Dinaric alps are rarely found in other nations. So Tara is the one of the most unique mountain in Europe.


Golija. This is another mountainous view in the country. It is to make people visit the most amazing mountain in the Europe.

In the country of Serbia, the tourist destinations are mostly mountain and hills because Serbia is a mountainous area.