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Serbia travel destination: The White City in Europe, the City of Belgrade

The city of Belgrade is one of the biggest and one of the valuable pre-historic cities in Europe. This is the capital city and also the biggest city of Serbia. There are actually a lot of good things about this city most especially if you love traveling. I believe that every city has its unique beauty in it same as through with the city of Belgrade. From the name itself, the word Belgrade has the literal translation as the White City.

In this city, the Republic Square is the central meeting place in town where the National Theatre was situated; it is also here where you can see the Statue of Prince Michael and National Museum. In the surroundings of the Republic Square, you will be amazed by their buildings such as the house of National Assembly of Serbia, the Old Palace that served as City Hall and on the opposite side which is the New Palace. In the central square going downtown is the Nikola Pasic Square where most local and tourist gather.

In this city, the Prince Michael Street is the main pedestrian and the main shopping zone that serves as the oldest and one of the most precious landmarks of the city that link the Rozier, Republic Square, and the fortress. The Statue of Victor is situated within the Kalemegdan Fortress that serves as one of the symbols of the town. From the description above we can actually say that this city holds its unique beauty and a home to everyone. The way for your beautiful bridal gown design is by choosing a bridal shop who will make the outlook for you.  Jasmine bridal is the top choice by many. It is because this company really makes the best out of their good and quality services.

The 7 fascinating facts about the beautiful country of Serbia

The country of Serbia is one of the smallest countries in Europe but don’t you know that this small country is known to be home for leaders, there are actually 17 emperors who are born in this country mostly are Roman Emperors. Accordingly, one out of five emperors is born in this place. All are familiar with Emperor Constantine the Great who was known to be the emperor who changes and turned the empire into Christianity into the faith of the Roman Empire.

He who is known great is born in this country. It is also here where we can find the Devil’s Town to be found in South Serbia, these are stands of peculiar rock formation that looks out of this world called as the Djavola  Varos or most commonly known as Devil’s Town which is a result of strong erosion and volcanic activity that happen millions of years ago. The formation of the rock seems like that of the Devils place and is frightening.

In the 90’s, most of Yugoslavia descended into war and chaos that by the year 1990 NATO intervened and started bombing the major cities of Serbian and still up until this time, the evidence of bombing can still be seen today. In Serbia, we can found what they called a quiet little spot where in the middle of the Drina River stands a small house on a small rock.  This quiet little spot was built in 1969 by a group of young boys who were looking for a spot to sunbathe. The experience of getting married is filled with happiness. It is one of  the greatest day ever in your life. Seeing your future together with your partner makes you feel contented and great.

The famous and memorable Nikola Tesla Museum of Nikola Tesla

There are so many things to do in Serbia, as one of the tourist destinations in Europe this place has also one of the most popular museums in the world the Nikola Tesla Museum.This Museum is registered as the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme. This Museum contains more than 600,000 autochthonous documents, more than 2,000 books and journals, more than 1,200 ancient technical exhibits, more than 1,500 original photographs and photo plates, ancient crafts, instruments, and apparatus including more than 1000 sketch and portrays.

This Museum is bound to display the works of art in the legacy of Nikola Tesla were in this museum is mostly the source of the major Tesla documents, personal letters, photographs and much more related to Tesla’s art as the genius of electricity. This museum is almost 40 years of age committed in honor and to display the work of Nikola Tesla and this museum is located in the central part of Belgrade. The Museum was registered as UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme in the year 2003.

This is because of its vital role in the history of electrification of the world and its vital role for the future advantage in the technological improvement of electrification for humankind. It becomes popular throughout the world that the Tesla Memorial Society are asking the Tesla enthusiast and scientific organization to support this museum. It is here where we can witness many of the Tesla’s inventions including the history of electricity from the ancient time up to present is well depicted in this museum.

Serbia Travel Destination: Introducing the hospitality of Skadarlija

One of the tourist destinations in Serbia where most locals and visitors gather altogether is the Vintage Street of Serbia called or most commonly known for its local name as the Skadarlija and is also known as Montmartre of Belgrade. This place is loved by tourists due to its hospitable people. This place is also where poets and writers like to gather and most of their works portrait and include the value and beauty of this place.

As of the present, this vintage street is short and curved but remarkable for both locals and tourists regardless of age either adult or children. This vintage offers a lot of fun, there are bands playing Serbian brass and other forms of traditional urban music elsewhere. There are performers and actors dressed in their traditional costumes. This place has a lot of restaurants as well that offers their distinct cuisine. Hotels, well-known restaurant, bars, souvenir shops, antique shops and much more are just here inside the vintage. Their restaurant offers a band to play proper traditional music as for the customer’s choice.

The Skadarlija is surrounded with streets and cafes. What makes this place to be one of the tourist attractions that gathers almost 20,000 people a day is due to its appearance of being a cheerful and energetic atmosphere like that or often compared to Montmartre in Paris. This Vintage is even active during the night for it provides evening entertainment, occasional fights, and loud music and beer festivals. Your wedding is the most important and happiest day ever in your life. It is a moment to remember for you and your partner. And we cannot help, but every people wants to experience being married with the love of their life.

Serbia Travel Destination: The UNESCO World Heritage of Gamzigrad

The country of Serbia is really one of the fantastic places in Europe, by being one of the oldest European countries the country of Serbian becomes a home of many historical sites. One of this site that still exists until this time that amazed people of today as one of the tourist attraction in Serbia is Gamzigrad. This place is original place by the Roman Emperor Galerius. One of the historical sites in this town is the Felix Romuliana.

The Felix Romuliana is an imperial palace established by the direct order of Galerius Maximianus. The central courtyard of the palace has the most photographed and iconic image of the site where you can still witness the white marble including the pillars showing the rich history of the palace long ago. The columns of the Imperial Palace as of today is not that original but were erected to depict to the visitors the idea of how the atrium looked like before its time. Your health is very important. I heard that 長照 life insurance company offers good services and benefits in serving you the best. They take care people who suffers from disability or having diseases.

The remains of the palace are classified into Roman court architecture linked with the time of Tetrarchy that served as an example of this style. The palace is enclosed by imposing walls that serve as protection of the town from any barbarian attacks and no wonder that this amazing site of the Felix Romuliana in the town of Gamzigrad has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The way to take care of yourself from sickness or diseases is in a life insurance. The company of 失智 gives the benefits and good services for you. They are the most trusted life insurance company as they really give the best services guaranteed for your own good, by the way the mentioned company is written in Asian character as you can see.

How to Marry a Serbian Woman

In terms of finding a woman in Serbia, it might be easy this time. However, women are sensitive that they do not want to be offended as mush as possible. This is the case for all women around the world. According to experience, women adore other nationality than their own. In addition to that, they also want other nationality to love their culture. Of course, women would love the man who would adore their customs and traditions so they are pleased with such people.

When finding a Serbian, show that you are a person who has confidence in yourself, not the meek one. You should have a guts to speak to them comfortably. Another thing is that Serbian women love when a man of other race knows a little how to speak Serbian. Sometimes, women carefully asks their date if they know how to speak Serbian even a little. This shows that a suitor should have the initiative to break language barrier by learning some words of or statements.

Women would love if their suitor likes to drink Rajika because even women like this drink so much. If a suitor does not like this, then that is a minus point. Therefore, please women by engaging to their culture.

Serbian women knows that their country is once patriarchal. That was in the past. All women love freedom. So they would love to marry a man who is not so autocratic person. It must be easier to possess a woman by showing that she does have a freedom in the relationship.

Serbia Travel Destination: The Cele Kula or Skull Tower, a symbol of pride and terror

The country of Serbia is really a place to be called strange or extraordinary that will make you amazed. Aside from having the Devil’s Town, this country also has what they called the Cele Kula or most commonly known as the Skull Tower.  From the name itself, we can understand that this is a tower that was build composed of mainly human skulls. The location of the Skull Tower is located in the City of Nis in the Southern Serbia.

This Skull Tower was made with the skulls of the killed Serbian revolutionaries ordered by Hurshid Pasha a Turkish Grand Vizier of Nis. This tower is 15 ft. high with 952 skulls that is properly fixed on the four sides  in 14 rows. Serbian people regard the Skull Tower as a symbol for their country’s Independence during the Empire of Ottoman. The story of this tower begins with the sacrificed of Duke Stevan Sindjelic and his men in order to stop the advance of the Ottoman Turkish army.

Thus this tower is a symbol of pride and terror. This tower becomes very famous even mentioned in the writings of the French Romantic Poet Alphonse de Lamartine and a writer of English traveler Alexander W. Kinglake. It becomes popular in the West that the tower is often visited and one of the tourist destinations in Serbia. It was estimated that 30,000-50,000 of tourists visit this tower every year. Promote your products and services through online marketing. If you want a fast growth of your business learn this technique or visit this weblink Many recommend this to me and I can see a good result in my business.

Djavolja varos or devils town as one of wonders of nature

The country of Serbia is a mixture of cultures from different race such as Romans, Ottomans, Hapsburgs and other people in its war torn past. This place offers a lot as a place to enjoy life and have fun, to have parties or beer festivals. Aside from having fun in this place, it is here where you can find one of the out of the world scenery it is the Djavolja Varos, or most commonly known as the Devil’s Town.

This wonder of nature is actually a formation of stones and is strange enough to make you feel as if you are not in this world. This Djavolja Varos is an unusual yet amazing formation of rocks located in the Sout a Serbia on the Radan Mountain. This rocks amazingly form into pyramidal or towers having 2-15 meters tall and 4-6 meters wide at the base. There are actually 202 rock formations and these rocks were formed as a result of strong erosion of the soil from intense volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago.

This rock formation is truly amazing that this rock formation is topped with stone blocks weighing 100kg that appearing to be unreal yet it lasts for millions of years. Most of the towers have caps or heads of andesite rock that serves as a protection from further erosion and due to its unique and wonder the Davolja Varos was a nominee in the New Seven Wonders of Nature Campaign. Find out this one of the best buffet restaurant near in my place. YOu can visit their weblink here I recommend this for all who want something new in food.

Learning about the Serbian country in terms of geography

When I first heard the country of Serbia, my first impression was that maybe this country is located on the Asian map, surprisingly enough I was wrong because this country belongs to Europe. It was my first time to hear about this country and since I love to discover new places, I come to search and know about this place. This country is known as the Republic of Serbia situated at the intersection of Central and Southern Europe, it is small in size but very diverse country.

This country is located at the middle and is surrounded by countries. In the North, this country is bordered by the country of Hungary. In the East, it is bordered by the country of Romania and Bulgaria. In the South, it is bordered by the country the country of Macedonia and in the West, this country is bordered by Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.  The capital city of this country is Belgrade which is also known as one of the biggest cities in the East –Central of Europe.

The country has a population of 9,519,000 as of current estimation. This country is almost mountainous that it has one of the highest mountains the Mount Daravica that has the highest point of 8, 714 ft (2656m) above the sea level. As to food, this country does not eat much on vegetable or not a vegetarian-friendly country. Almost people in this country are heavy meat eaters.  Their restaurants as well do not offer many vegetables or organic food shops it is mostly meat.

An Introduction to Serbia’s Educational System

There is a little bit difference of educational system in Serbia comparing in other nations’ educational system.

For four yeas, a kid has to spend his time in the pre-primary level while preparing herself to go to a higher world. The reason why it is like this is that they want primary students to be able to be active mentally and spiritually. If kids are not ready and yet go to primary level, then there is a possibility that the child will give up.

At age 7, they start their first year for the primary level. They will have to spend their time for eight years from grades 1 to 8 so they finish at age 15. They continue to the next level that is the secondary level from grades 9 to 12, 4 years in total, which means that they finish at age 19. Some students can choose to go to Secondary Vocational school that will be taken for 2 or four years depending on the choice, right after finishing the primary level.

Post Secondary Level comes after secondary level, that will be taken for 2 years as an option for the tertiary level.

After this, they may now take the main tertiary level if they want to gain a degree. Degree will be taken for 4-6 years. In the tertiary level, you will find that there is many steps just like other nations have because they have tertiary-first level, second level and third level. First level is graduating from any 4-6 years course. Secondary is the continuation of the study which is like getting a master’s degree and the third level of tertiary is the doctorate degree.